Sherman Toe/Heel

I have been thinking about trying the sherman toe/heal because of some posts/links given on this forum.
I have one question. Can someone better explain the encroachment stitches? I’ve read the link and it just says where to put your needles and etc but the note at the end of one link said she was doing it wrong for years and so I’m confused. Mostly about what “lift st beneath next stitch” means. Plus I knit Continental so I am not sure if that is confusing me more on these instructions.

P enc (purl encroachment): sl 1 st purlwise; lift st beneath next stitch purlwise; insert L needle into both st from L, behind R needle;
P 2 tog. (a purl variant of ssk).

K enc (knit encroachment): sl 1 st knitwise; lift st beneath next stitch purlwise; insert L needle into both st from L, in front of R needle;
K2 tog (a slight variant of ssk).

Any help would be appreciated!


I love the sherman heel and toe. I had to practice a bit to get it right. I don’t have a sock on the needles right now to show you with pics. When I do the k enc I do exactly as she states, I can’t explain it any better…BUT, I can direct you to a site with photos that I used when I did my 1st sherman…Hipknitism, you are taken thru a tutorial on a ribbed sock using sherman heel & toe, with photos all the way, I hope this helps :wink:

Thanks, that is the site (with all its links) that I’ve been reading/using.
It doesn’t have any pictures I can find of the enc stitchs though.
Thanks though for trying.


Sorry, pictures used to be on this site!! I mean…perfect photos of p enc and k enc. Perhaps you can email the person that runs hipknitism and ask if he/she will email the k enc and p enc photos to you. They were there last month :rollseyes:

They’re still there…

Knit encroachment

Purl encroachment

I was totally :?? until I found those :smiley:

Hmm I still can’t find them from the main pattern pages, but thank you so much for the links directly to them!


:smiley: Thanks so much, Julie…I scoured hipknitism and couldn’t find them…I was :?? :thinking: wondering why they were removed :wink:

I didn’t get to them through the site…I googled “knit encroachment” (last week when I was trying to learn the Sherman heel…still not sure if I was successful, lol) and there they were! :smiley:

D’oh! All this time I though the Sherman heel and toe had something to do with the civil war :oops:

This seems really cool! Will it work on any sock pattern?

:smiley: Yes, it works with any sock, just insert the sherman heel and/or toe instead of the heel that’s in the pattern :thumbsup: