been browsing the charity blogs
i make the shawls you all are making in many colors
the triangle ones
i tried the same type of shawl using
plain yarn and then some of the novelty yarn
sometimes i use plain yarn and some of the novelty yarn together
it turns very pretty
but you have to be sure to knit with a 6 mm
i did it on a and it fell apart
washed on delicate cycle
and not dried
all in garter stitch
but it fell apart i think because of the size of theneedle
but try it comes really pretty

I’ve knit lots of things on 10mm needles and they don’t fall apart in the wash. It could be your yarn, how you joined yarn ends, or how you cast off rather than the needle size. Since you used novelty yarn, that’s probably it; the ends come loose on that stuff very easily.

hi iam not sure what happened
first one i knitted was for myself
it was knitted on a 5mm
everyone sits on this one even the cat
washed and dried and nothing happened to it
made 2 for charity
on larger needles using different kinds of novelty
these i wash in delicate and didnt dry
i thought that because of the size needle that the yarn separeted itself in the wash
i am not sure
i had 3 more started and i frogged them and i will start on a smaller
needle and wash it and hope that it doesnt happen again

We’re using delicate yarns for the Oddball Shawls, so I anticipate they will need to be hand-washed, and laid out to dry.

Our shawls will not be given to a regular charity. They will be given to members of our forum that need encouragement from us.

Our BLANKETS, however, are given to charity.