I need a shawl pattern (not lace) that I can wear in the winter…I have multiple sclerosis so I can only knit for a short time, but I’ve ordered snow white mohair from One Fine Yarn in CA. And I have a Navy/White caftan coming from Soft Surroundings…their clothes are more comfortable in a wheelchair. I don’t know whether to do a garter stitch, which looks good in boucle but I doubt if it would look good in mohair…I don’t do lace because I loose my place all the time…I used to be a wonderful knitter but MS knocked my memory out and I don’t remember much…any help would be appreciated…

Maggie :heart:

What if you did a circle in stockingette stitch and then border in garter?
Something like this I know that it says baby blanket but I think that it would make a great shawl.
Hope this helps :hug:

You should look at shrug patterns on Knitting Pattern Central. Many of them are just basic rectangles. Welcome!

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look right now!

Maggie :heart: