My daughter who is going of to college would like to make a shawl/wrap that she can grab when going across campus. We purchased two skeins of Malabrigio (approx 400yds). Do any of you have any suggestions for a shawl for this weight of yarn?

Elise, I saw some shawls that were basically rectangles with pockets on either end–I think they would make a cute and practical shawl for your daughter. The pockets can keep her hands warm or hold small essentials like keys, etc. while she was running around campus if she didn’t feel like carrying a purse with her (I oftentimes run errands without a purse and especially appreciate pockets for that very reason).

This shawl from Knit Picks uses a bulky weight yarn, which you could probably double strand your yarn, and there was one from the book “Vogue Knitting on the Go! Shawls” which also used a bulky weight yarn (this is the picture below).

Malabrigo is worsted weight, correct? (I haven’t had the pleasure to see it in person) I think you might be able to knit a simple rectangle for her or do a feather and fan stitch using a single strand of that. Or you can do a bit of a more open pattern because the yarn is toasty merino, it’ll still be warm. I made a simple rectangle shawl for a friend using this, the “Trinity Stitch”. It came out really pretty, and it was more open and lacy. I don’t know if any of this helps.:shrug:

You can also try for shawl patterns–they have some really pretty ones.

I don’t know if two skeins of Malabrigo would work for this, but a simple ripple pattern (like this) would be quick and easy. I made this pattern from black Microspun, and I LOVE it!

Thank you both!!! Those all look great, I will ask her which she likes best. BTW she is going to attempt to make it herself, I am too busy trying to get her afghan done in time!!! Thanks again.

I made the ripple shawl for my sister in law a few months ago…very toasty and warm and I loved it. I used Bernat cotton/acrylic yarn in an ivory…and I didn’t make it quite as wide as they suggested…It’s supposed to be made in multiples of 18, so I just dropped one set of 18 stitches (or was it two?). The wrap came out beautiful, AND because it was not as wide, it could be used as a scarf as well. The feather and fan stitch is one of my favorites now.


I am making a triangle shawl now using a very basic formula: cast on 3 stitches, next row (and every other row) knit 1, yarn over, knit to end.

This will make a triangle shawl bordered with eyelet holes along the edges. Very simple – a great project to have when you want to just knit and not have to concentrate on a pattern :slight_smile:

I made one of these also and I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

Ditto, ditto. Loved it. Super simple.