Shawl width

ok, how do i tell if my shawl is wide enough without taking it off the needles? cause its pretty long so when i striaten the needles its still bunched up! :help:

Do you have another circ you could divide it up on? Or you could thread a piece of yarn through the whole thing through the stitches on the needle and then take it off. Make it really long so you can try on the shawl without having it slip off.

If you know the gauge, just count the stitches and divide it by the sts per inch. :thumbsup:

:oo: ok little to beyond my knowledge… i’ll have to try the thread thing!!! thanks all

If you just want to know how many inches it is, do what Silver says. It’s not hard. If you have 200 stitches on your needle, and you’re knitting at a rate of 4 stitches per inch, you know that you have 50 inches across your needles.

ok that sounds easy enough! :thumbsup: