Shawl-weaving in ends and bind off

I made two shawls outof Misti Alpaca DK, 4 ply, 80% Baby Suri and 20% silk with a Meandering Eyelet Vine pattern. I have two questions:

  1. I’ve woven in my ends but I want to secure those with a stitch or two of thread. I’m not sure what kind of thread I should use, knowing if I have a thread which is stronger than the yarn it would cut it. Any ideas? Is Silk yarn my only choice?

  2. I need to undo the bind off as it doesn’t have enough stretch. Any recommended bind off which has good stretch?
    Thanks in advance.

I’ve used the Yarn Over BO when I need something really stretchy and being you can place the YOs where you see fit you can adjust the amt of stretch.


Sorry it took me so long to get back here to say Thank you. I will try your suggestion. Thanks again … Sheri

You can also use a larger size needle for the bind off row. And the K2tog - place the stitch back on the left needle - K2tog method is a fairly stretchy one.

How do I do a yarn over bind off? I thought I knew but now I’m not sure.

I’ve never done a yarn over bind off - I found this:

Thanks Mirl 56 for the url. I printed out the instructions. I did find and buy the Knitting Answer Book which has the yarn over bindoff in there. It’s a great little book. The shawl is don now and drying on the blocking board. It did turn out very well. I did learn the hard way NOT to yo every stitch in the bindoff - so I took it out, and did the yo every 4th stitch or so. Again thank you all for your suggestions and help.