Shawl too short (my bad)

Sighh … This is a knitted shawl that took me forever (approx.).
I was so sick of the mistakes I kept making - inability to concentrate - and having to frog rows and do 'em again that the second I thought I’d done enough, I stopped.
I wuz wrong.
As ever.
What I need now is some kind soul to prevent herself (are there any men on this forum ?) from wagging her finger at me and simply tell me what kind of edging I could add. I dunno if I could BEAR to have to try to find the woven-in end and frog the six rows of rib …shawl


M-R; That is really too bad. You didn’t say how much longer the shawl should be. I have crocheted for many years but don’t knit, so I may not be of much help. Would it be possible to add a fringe to the bottom? Would it be possible to crochet across the bottom ( or just above the rib, which would leave a flap on one side. A second layer of fringe could be added there. ) and then pick up the stiches with knitting needles? Maybe if you used a contrast colour it would look like it was part of the pattern. Hopefully someone with knitting skills will come up with a better idea. Good luck to you.

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“Snowfleas” ? - not “Springtails” ? [grin]
Your input greatly appreciated, you teeny critter !
I had reached the point of considering a different colour for edges when I gave a loud cry of hopeless rage and, screwing up my eyes behind my specs, looked for and found the woven in end. Then I ripped out 5 of the 6 rows of ribbing, as I needed the first one to pick up - the pattern doesn’t favour picking up … Having then un-knitted that row of ribbing I added another section of pattern and am now ready to do those 6 ribbing rows again. Almost. Almost ready …

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I am so glad that you found the best solution. I am going to do a search on Springtails.
My sister had trouble with her youngest girl in the winter when playing outside in the snow. She would not keep her wrists covered with her mittens or coat sleeves. She was a little red head and had very sensitive skin and would break out in an itchy rash from the snow.( chill blanes as my mother would call them ) One day I was over and I told her that it was the Snowfleas that were biting her. She didn’t like bugs and from then on kept her skin covered in the winter. My sister was happy to have this little white lie told to her daughter. I thought that I was being quite clever and it wasn’t until years later that we found out that although they don’t bite, Snowfleas actually exist. Who knew? LOL.

Well done you !

I can’t wait to tell my sister about Springtails. She will laugh. I once read an article about Snowfleas where scientists studying their ability to stay active in sub-zero temperatures. They wanted to use the technology to keep people from freezing in cold weather. I had never heard of Springtails until you mentioned them. Do you have an interest in bugs or just science in general? Either way, I am happy to know about Springtails. Thank-you


Better you tell your sister about springtails than discuss politics … I recently sent my younger sister a blistering email about her having informed me, as if it were deus ex machina, that the ONLY Aussie politician for whom I have respect is and always has been a slum landlord: but I discovered that her source for this erroneous fact is the bloody Murdoch press - and I have nothing but contempt for every arm of Murdoch’s empire.
I cannot accept the fact that my hugely intelligent (otherwise) sister is a right-wing voter.
So yes, correspond with her in detail about tiny leaping creatures, Vicki - and keep off politics. I have spoken.
But no, it’s just the ludicrous nonsense - some people call it ‘trivia’ - that jams what I laughingly refer to as my brain …

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I can’t wait to tell my sister about Springtails. She will be very interested.

Thank-you again.