Shawl smells funky AFTER washing?

I made my mother a beautiful prayer shawl to give to her before she starts chemo and despite washing it twice in Eucalan lavander it smells like a wet dog !! It is Suri Merino from Blue Sky Alpaca - the first round of wash water was nasty so I rinsed and did it again. The second round of water wasn’t too bad so I blocked it to dry. The smell in the bathroom was horrible so I moved it outside figuring as soon as it dried the smell would fade…it did get better, but it is still kinda funky and smells worse than it did before I washed it.
Any suggestions? Did I do something wrong?

I’ve never used that so I don’t know, but it seems odd to me. Maybe you could email or call the company ask them?

So sorry this has happened. I think I would take Jans advice and call the company. If they didnt’ come up with anything, maybe trying a different soap? or spraying it with free breeze? I haven’t used that kind of yarn so don’t really know I just feel so sorry that you’ve put all that work into something and this happened. >^,^<

That’s strange. Wool can have a sheepy smell when it’s wet but that should disappear as soon as it’s thoroughly dry. And I’ve used Eucalan for years – both the lavender and eucalyptus scents – and never smelled anything bad afterwards.

Just a guess: when you say the wash water was “nasty,” do you mean it had a lot of color in it? You might be smelling excess dye, which can be really unpleasant. Try another wash, this time in something a little stronger, like shampoo, and rinse until the water runs clear. If you still get that smell, I think you ought to contact the Blue Sky people. Something’s wrong with the yarn.

Best of luck to your mother.

I had a top like that once. I ended up throwing it out.

Thats not good. i havent had that happen to that degree, every wool item has eventually washed smell free.

i would try something like fabreeze if calling the company you bought from cant help. if you still have the label then you could try calling the manufacturer of the yarn.

hope it works out

This has happened to me too. I made a vest with Berroco Jasper and it had a very strong odor while wet. It is better after it dried, but I can still smell it some. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just that I know it’s there. I won’t be wearing it on a rainy day for sure. I’m sorry this happened to such a special gift for your Mom. I think I would try rinsing the shawl one more time in just [U]plain[/U] water and airing it outside again.

Did you try using vinegar? I know that sounds odd because it has it’s own definite odor, but I use it all the time in my wash when the towels get musty or the 12 y.o. leaves his wet FB uniform crumpled in a corner of his room for a week! Pour about 1/2 c in your washer with the detergent. I promise you won’t smell the vinegar when it’s done rinsing in the washer.


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ArtLady had a wonderful little tutorial, complete with pictures, about her experiences with wool that had to be washed repeatedly to get the flotsam and jettsam out of it! I think it was in the Knit Tips & Tricks thread.

She just washed, rinsed, washed, rinsed, etc. with a particular product until the rinse water was totally clear. Check it out and see if repeated washing might help!

Good Luck! :hug:


That was my first thought too… or baking soda (not both thought! ) Either of them can get LOTS of bad smells out… I’ve had them get cat pee smell out when my cat (that I no longer have) was peeing on anything and everything…

Thanks for all the suggestions - I will try the vinegar. I use it all the time for bath towels, but never thought about it for the shawl.