Shawl knitting ministry

There seems to be some controversy over this book (Knitting into the Mystery: A Guide to the Shawl-Knitting Ministry) and this website:

Anyone know about this?

What’s the controversy? People knit for all kinds of reasons…this sounds like a whole bunch of good intentions to me… :??

I have heard of prayer shawls, The person the shawl is made for is prayed for while knitting and the shawl is then given to them to know they were cared about and usually a little tag is attached telling about the comfort and care and prays for them. In a hospital , nursing home etc a shawl is a wonderful item. It is warmth, comfort, used for legs, arms, on the bed etc. I personally Love shawls and if someone gave me a prayer shawl in an hour of need, I would truly feel blessed.

I don’t see a big deal about it either.

I have been working on this shawl for a friend of mine although my daughter found it and now its pretty much at the beginning time to find a new hiding spot for my yarn and needles LOL :smiley:

I haven’t heard about any controversity I wonder what it could possibly be?? :thinking:

I haven’t the faintest idea what the controversy is…I hope that whatever it is hasn’t gotten out of hand. Whatever ones religous convictions might be, I just can’t understand how a prayer could hurt someone!

Well, I’ve known some prayers that have hurt even though they’ve come from a good intention. But a prayer for wellness or comfort HARDLY compares to what I’m thinking of! Those are prayers that anyone should be able to appreciate. Just like knitting, prayer takes time and thought and love, and anybody should be able to be grateful that somebody gave those things to them.

Aidian that was so beautifully said.


I think the controversy was about the group that started all this was trying tobe a grassroots voluntary donation thingy and then someone else wrote a book and made money off it and that pissed off the original group but I don’t know if there are any lawsuits or fightin words or anything.

So whaddaya all think about profiting from something like prayer shawls? Like if you sold them at an art fair or something?

I went back the website cause I thought that I had read somewhere on there they couldn’t be sold for profit if you made them but now I can’t find that so maybe I dreamed it :??

I don’t think I would sell them cause like for example my friend while I was working on it I prayed for her and her illness if I made them to sell I wouldn’t know the person or what to really pray for… well ya could pray for the person who gets it to have blessed life but I don’t know to me its not the same :thinking:

I wouldnt call it a prayer shawl if it was being sold at a faire…a “comfort” shawl, MAYBE…but, I would think that they would just be SHAWLS in that case. Although, if someone wants to give something comforting like that to someone who needs prayers or comforting, and the person is not a crafty individual theirself, then I suppose SOMEONE needs to make the shawl. I havent met many crafters who are all EVIL and just in it for the money…

Isnt it IMPRESSIVE that I have such well-thought out and formed opinions? Maybe its not…I dunno. :rofling:

Prayers are like love, best when given freely.

[size=2]I mean, really, pay me for this shawl I prayed over?? Maybe if it was blessed by the Pope or something… :rollseyes: [/size]

found this on the site:

It is important to us that the origins of this ministry be honored. We have worked diligently to keep this

ministry a ‘grass-roots’ effort. These shawls are meant to be given away unconditionally and NOT to be sold for profit.

The information on this site is provided freely for your personal use. All the material on this site is copyright protected.

If you would like to duplicate, distribute, or display any part of this material outside of personal use, you must contact the Shawl Ministry first.

All copied material that is used for ‘personal use’ must have the Shawl Ministry web address ( and credit given to the authors.

Web Site Notice:

Recently, a yarn manufacturer advertised a special
promotion for their yarn and a book.
It is important for you to know that the Shawl Ministry
is not profiting from this, nor is this ministry a commercial venture

I wouldn’t sell a “prayer shawl”. I’d just sell a shawl.