Shawl, garter stitch, dropped stitches, loose stitches

I’ve been working on a garter stitch shawl and ended up with dropped stitches. When I fixed that problem it created some loose stitches. Will that adjust when blocked or should I just tighten it up and tie off the loose strands?

It looks like there’s too much extra yarn for simple blocking to fix the problem. Blocking will help if you first try redistributing yarn by following the yarn strand over several sts in the row.

See if this video helps. You can always tie off loose strands if you’re not satisfied with the result.

Thank you for the reply. Maybe I should take it back to before the dropped stitch occurred. The video was good for stockinette mishap but I find fixing a garter stitch mishap more daunting. If you know of a video to help with placing a lifeline on garter stitch, please let me know. Thanks again.

It is a bit more difficult but not too much. You’re really looking for the V stitches from the row.

If you have a spare needle, even better one that is a smaller size you can use that instead of a yarn lifeline.
It’s a bit clearer in this video because the stitches are so loose but it’s probably easier to see the row you would be aiming for.

If I have to take out several rows I usually grumble and then pull out the knitting to as close as I can get to the row before the mistake and then tink the sts one by one as I pull out the yarn from the mistake row. Here’s a video for tinking. The sts are on the right needle but you can do the same think with sts off the needle as long as you’re working with a non-slippery yarn (e.g. silk or some acrylics).

Your shawl is going to be lovely, it’s well worth going back to that row to rework it as the rest of the knitting is so even.
I think we all grumble when we undo work, I always tell myself I wouldn’t choose not to make a certain project just because it had another 10 or 20 rows so really I shouldn’t mind reworking 10 or 20 rows. The extra effort is just about always worth it.

I love that yellowy-green colour and how well it contrasts with the blue.

Thank you for the encouragement and suggestions. I grumbled a bit, put in a lifeline, tinked back and I feel like I made the right decision to not fight with it. The colors reminded my knit friend of the sun on the water. Is it ok to post it when I’m done? PS I do see an error so I’ll have to go back and correct it.
Take care!

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Beautiful! Well worth the extra effort to rip back. We love to see finished projects so please do post a photo.

Beautiful work. Yes, you should post a photo of your FO!

Looking beautiful!