Shawl collar W&T

Here is what the pattern says…Beginning on right-side of sweater at the last increase row (equivalent to the top button hole row) - PU stitches around front of sweater and neck and continue around to other side of sweater until the button hole row is reached. Try to maintain the same gauge as for body.
Rows 1-4 – Knit all stitches.
Row 5 – Knit until 2 stitches before end of row, W&T.
Row 6 – Repeat row 5.
Row 7 – Knit until 4 stitches before end of row, W&T.
Row 8 – Repeat row 7.
Continue in this manner, increasing the number of stitches to leave at end of row by 2 every alternate row until
14 stitches are left on each end of row (7 wrapped stitches). Knit across 1 row.

I don’t understand…I can’t stand W&Ts… I’m about to do it for the first time (I’m on row 5) and it looks like there’s going to be stitches left on my left needle.

I am tempted to just K 2 tog on one end and ssk on the other…

Decreasing with K2tog and ssk is not the same thing as wrapping and turning. You want to make a wedge with short rows so the back of the collar is taller than the front, not decrease the number of stitches overall.

So - yes - you’ll have stitches left on the needle when you turn around and head back the other way. That’s the entire point.

For some good illustrations and explanation of what W&T is and does and how to do it, check out Techknitter’s explanation.

Lewister’s video link is a good one. Here’s another for a shawl collar (see about a fourth of the way down the page).

But, if you’re doing garter stitch, it’s really not necessary to w&t. The garter ridges hide the hole that forms if you don’t w&t

When I looked at the shawl collar tutorial you posted, I could see where the directions I have confused me! I LOVE knitting!!!:muah: