Sharon needs scarf help

Hello everyone! I live in The Colony,Texas, the city by the lake. I moved her a year ago. I am 63 and a retired R.N. of 35 years. Taught myself to knit so I still run into problems. The pattern that is shown on this site called Big Net -oversize-scarf-stole with size 19 needles. I love it, but I only have sz. 17 needles at the present so I added 6 stitches and it still looks very narrow. The pattern doesn’t say the width. I am using Rowan Glimmer - black and gold. it’s a kind of ribbon yarn. Can someone lead me down the right path. Hope to get know a lot of you. Have a great week-end. It’s hot and humid where I live.

Hi Soulofarose

Seeing that it’s a net stitch, it will certainly grow after blocking. Wet and block what you already have it to see how much it will grow, then decide from there how much bigger/smaller you’d like it.


If it’s a scarf/stole, it doesn’t seem like the gauge would have to be completely exact. If you have one needle size different, it still may be okay…:slight_smile: Of course, I’m not the best with gauge - however, I AM the best at knitting [I]without[/I] exact gauge!! I’ve knit tons of scarves and they’ve all been good, so usually it’ll come out fine :smiley:

With a scarf gauge won’t be need to be exact and if you’ve added a few stitches that should probably make up for any difference in gauge.