Shareing My Ultra Sound Pictures

Sorry for off the topic of knitting but I thought a few of you would like to see a picture or two of my little bean growing in the tummy. She is little over 3lbs already and i still have about 2 months to go lol . Here are some pictures…enjoy!
Vanessa :happydance:

Aaaw! How cool to see her now! :heart:

Is that a knitting needle I see in her hand? :smiley:

:roflhard: Oh, gee, I hope not!!

Awww… this brings me back to the memories of when my sister-in-law called saying how her first ultra sound was. And now she’s talking about how my little niece lays there and coo’s!! :rofling:

Is that a knitting needle I see in her hand?


Thanks for sharing those!! I have to admit, at first I was having trouble making out her face- and I thought I was good at ultrasound pictures- my husband said “Come over here and look”- so I went across the room and looked, and there she was!!! Amazing. I was just looking too close up.


Awwww…how very cool. DH and I had 3D u/s done with DD. It’s amazing how accurate they are. Save them and then try to recreate the pose after your little bean is born. It makes for a very cool keepsake.


I tell you i was there little over 2 hours trying to get her to wake up or move so i could get better pictures lol. I have one more Ultra Sound so MAYBE i can get better ones lol. I have more pictures of her but those were the best of them all . Thank you for the comments …I hope she will be a KNITTER like mommy when she gets older lol.
Vanessa :cheering:

aw! Such a cute baby already!

That’s very cool! That last one is so clear!

Hello New Baby!!! She looks like she’s trying to stick her thumb in her mouth in the last one. :smiley: I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: babies!


I have more pictures lol those were my fAVORITE ones lol…if you wanna see some cute and funny ones here are some more lol sorry i just am so excited!!! Just wish i was feeling better :crying: I have been sick 6 days now going to call and try to get in to see a Doctor today because i have infection and need HELP :crying: …No knitting the past few days been to tired and sick to even try to knit. Here are 3 more funny and cute ones…enjoy.
Ness :lol:

Incredible pictures. My ultrasound pictures never looked so good! The new technology is amazing. Congratulations on your little one! She’s adorable!

ahh, what a cutie.

WOW! Modern technology is just blowing me away :shock:
Congrats on your baby :cheering:

:cheering: Congrats and thank you for sharing them with us!!! Love the ones of her little fist in front of her face soo cute!!