Hi, I am new to knitting and decided to take on a tank top for a challenge. I am making the Crocus tank top from the Nashua hand knits occasion booklet. I have gotten the back finished up to what would be the neck and shoulders. The shaping of the shoulders has me a little confused. It calls for “work as est across 29 sts, join another ball of yarn, bind off center 36 sts and work to end, working both sides at once, bind off 3 sts at each neck edge twice, and at the same time, bind off at shoulder edge 8 sts twice, then 7sts once” and it calls for the same for the front. It just doesn’t seem like the stair stepping would fit together both front and back being the same. I also have trouble with putting the neckband on(it is a ribbed neckband attached with a circular needle)-the number of stitches it calls to pick up is 10 more than the total number around the neck. Is this common and is it because you just pick up extra ones to smooth it out? Has anyone made this yet? Thanks for any help you can give. Also, if anyone knows if there is a good book that has some helpful information on shaping I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Isamae

Since you need to bind off the stitches at the beginning of the rows, the decreases won’t be exactly on the same row. That’s OK. It doesn’t make a difference in the end. All sweaters are made this way.

Usually when you pick up stitches for a neckband, you not only pick up the stitches held for the neck but also up along where you decreased for the neck. This may be where the numbers don’t add up.