Shaping yoke?

Hi, I’m knitting a sweater from “Creative Knitting” January 2009 on page 90. I have a pattern with cables in the middle and 17 stockinette stitches on each side. Well the pattern reads: Row1: Work first 19 sts, k2tog, k1; turn and leave rem sts unworked.

I put it aside for now, and though I’d ask for advice first, isn’t it going to interupt with my pattern? And what is yoke anyway?

I’m confused…:shrug: :shrug:
Thank you in advance …

Here is a picture just in case:

It seems to me that you are at the point where you are knitting the shoulder part. These stitches will only be the ones on each side of your cables. You will be working one shoulder at a time and ignoring the shaping around the neck (which is the yoke,like the yoke that goes around the neck of an ox) and the other shoulder. So, your cable should not be affected.

Just before your pattern gives the row one instructions, does it have a heading that says “shoulder shaping”? I think linda is right, but if you can give the context for that section of the instructions, it would be helpful. :slight_smile:

Right, what went before, and what comes after? If you read ahead in the pattern, you should be able to figure out what happens next.

Yes, I am at the part where you shape the shoulder, but what I’m concerned with is that I only have 17 sts, a marker, and then cables. And the patter reads to knit 19 sts etc… I’m afraid its gonna mess up the cables… is it a typo or am I freaking out for nothing? As you can see the cables go all the way to the neck :frowning:

Just follow the pattern. The only corrections listed for it are to define Cable 6 [B][I]Back[/I][/B] (C6B): and Cable 6 [B][I]Front[/I][/B] (C6F):

ok thank you all