Shaping the neck from straight needles to circular

I am knitting a sweater that was originally written as for circular needles but am using straight needles. Everything has gone fine, but I am wondering how to convert the instructions for making the neckband. Since the pattern maker assumes you are using circular needles, there are no specific instructions for straight needles. What it does say is the following: Knit 41 sts from back neck holder, pick up and knit 11 sts along Left Front, knit 25 sts from holder, pick up and knit 11 sts along Right Fron - 88 sts. Join and work in k1,p1 for 1" or desired depth". Can I simply start the 41 sts noted at the beginning on the circular needles?

So you have one shoulder open, that is, one shoulder joined at front and. back and the other open?
Yes, you can work across the back neck sts, down one front and then up the other, turn and work the next row in ribbing.
Which pattern are you knitting?

Actually, I haven’t finished the last piece, but I have knitted back of sweater and two sleeves already and am 3/4 finished with the front of the sweater. The pattern is Big Sky Knitting Designs’ Audra 's Sweater Redux. I wanted to get advice BEFORE I started struggling with the neckband. When I finish the front piece of the sweater, I will joing the shoulders (back to front) using a three-needle bind-off.

Such a good idea to look ahead and be ready for the next steps. If you’re going to continue with the straight needles, leave the right shoulder open. Knit the collar back and forth. You might think about adding a stitch or two to the neckband because you’ll be seaming the collar and the shoulder at the end.

Thank you so much for getting back to me - this kind of help is just invaluable! Actually, I would like to switch to circular needles but just for the neckband, since I have never done a round neckline with straight needles. Would you be able to direct me for that approach?

You can do this with straight needles but i think it’s a bit neater if you use a circular. You would seam up both shoulders in that case. Use either a 16 inch circular or a longer (maybe 40 inch) circular for magic loop.
This is a nice video for neckbands. You can pick up the correct number of sts or you can pick up as in the video and adjust the number of sts on the next row. The very end finishing is helpful too.

Thank you so much - you are a real life-saver! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Let us know how it works out. We’d love to see a photo, too.
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I finished my sweater this morning and wore it for the first time today - while this is my fourth sweater, it is the very first one I actually get to keep! - thank you for your help with this!

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Oh, wow, the sweater looks fabulous! What a perfect color for fall. You must be very pleased. Thanks for the photo.

The color really pops in the sunlight - thank you again for your help and encouragement!