Shaping sweater in lace pattern

Hello fellow knitters,

Do any of you know of a good way to work the shaping of a sweater - decreasing for the armholes, neck etc. while working a 16-row lace pattern? I can’t tell where to start each lace row.

Thank you - Best wishes, Janesse.

That can be tricky all right. I know some people like to make a chart of the lace pattern to help them with this sort of thing. What I usually do is just to read the pattern (right on the needles) backwards and see how much I have to work with and try to start it where I am in the pattern. Putting a stitch marker between the 16 stitch patterns along the edges might help with that too. Sometimes what you need to do won’t really work right along the edge and you have to fudge a little and work it in st st or rev st st or whatever would look best.