Shaping shoulders and neck

I am knitting a child’s jumper I am new to knitting can anyone tell me what this means on each edge cast off 5 st twice at same time shape neck cast off 12 in centre then 1side at a time cast off 4 sts once hope you can help

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You’re going to be shaping the neck and shoulders on the sweater.
At the beginning of the row, cast off 5sts, work to the center 12sts and cast off 12 then work to the end of the row.
The easiest way to do the next steps is to work the shoulders one at a time.
Turn at the end of the row, cast off 5sts then work to the neck opening (the 12 cast off sts). Turn at the neck opening, cast off 4sts then work to the end of the row, turn, cast off 5sts.
This may be the end of the shoulder shaping or there could be more directions. If it’s the end of the directions, cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail and pull the yarn tail through the final stitch on the needle.
Now go back to the first shoulder, begin knitting at the neck edge with a new end of yarn. Bind off 4sts, work to the end of row, turn and bind off 5sts.
I sometimes make a small diagram showing the bind offs or a table of the rows and neck or armhole edge bind offs. Then you can cross them off as you work them.

What is the name of your pattern?

No pattern name free download it only says 19 sweater N133-T16-091

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This one?

Yes that’s the one your help did the job back finished thank you

I have just joined the front to back but once done I realised the front part is inside out how to you undo the seem when all same colour can anyone help

I hate it when that happens. But still, great progress with just a little setback.
What kind of seam did you use? Mattress stitch, 3 needle bind off, back stitch?
Maybe a photo of the seam would help us?

hope you can open the two photos thanks for your reply

Very neatly done. If you have an end at the start or at the beginning of the seam that hasn’t been woven in, start there. I use a thin knitting needle or a tapestry needle to tease out the first stitch of the seaming and pull the end through. It helps to gently pull the seam apart as you go to expose the seaming strand.
If you tied a knot at the end you’ll have to find it and tease it out. If you’ve woven in the end, you’ll have to tease that out first. It’s a tedious job but it’ll work. Don’t cut the seaming strand if you can help it because of the danger of cutting a strand in the knitting.

Thanks will give it ago

Great thanks have another problem pattern says to do 2borders it has no length of boarders and they seem very big for the jumper I have attached photos with pattern can any one tell me what I am supposed to be doing cheers

The band does look too wide. I would cast on fewer sts. You can measure just how many sts you need to take out then eliminate a k1,p1 pair or may 2 pairs of sts. The buttonband should fit that horizontal space at the base of the neck opening. It’ll be seamed on one edge to the front opening so you’ll need a stitch for seaming.

If you’re going to use buttons, I would put two buttonholes into one of the bands too rather than stretching out a stitch. Knit the buttonband first so you know the length then mark the place for buttons. That’ll be a guide for the buttonholes on the other band.

I have tried a few different ways to put banding on neck none look right pattern a waste of time I have given pictures to see if any one can advise not even sure how to attach the bands

the hood is just pined on

The side edge of the buttonhole ribbing attaches at the bottom of the opening (the horizontal yellow line). The cast on edge attaches to the long edge of the opening (vertical yellow line).

Then you can attach the buttonband to the same horizontal line but in back of the buttonhole band. Again the cast on edge of the buttonband attaches to the long edge on the opposite side (not indicated in the photo). The hood should meet the long vertical line at the top of the opening.
Here’s a diagram:

Yes that’s what I tried but looked awful but will try again thanks

How are you seaming the bands in? A backstitch with the right sides facing should work.

It’s difficult to see the bands in the pattern photo but it looks like the columns of ribbing should be horizontal. In this photo, the band should be turned 90 degrees and probably not be so long. It only has to fill in the space between the two vertical edges.

Done my best


Got it done still not to happy how it looks but done what pattern said

You’ve gotten both bands in quite neatly. The baby and family will love it.

Very nice sweater, I love it. Dont worry about band it’s made by love and from hart that matters.

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