Shaping of neckband

I am finishing the “Penelope” cardigan:

I noticed that in the model, the neckband seems to “roll” in the back. Unfortunately, the pattern was designed without any back neck shaping, and I already knitted it that way where it would not really be practical to frog the sweater and try to go back and change it. Do you think it might help if I use a smaller needle size for the neckband ribbing to try to tighten things up a bit? And/or if I did a few extra rows of ribbing? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!

The tension across the shoulders kind of makes it curl/fold over. It’s also common for stockinette with a border to still want to fold where the two patterns join. Personally, I think a smaller needle won’t help, but I could be wrong. I’d probably knit it normally and then if it folds or curls you could apply a ribbon along the join and see if that helps.

Did you look at the other projects to see how others handled it?

In thinking about this a wider ribbing might help if you use some shaping on it. Hmm

Thanks Jan! That’s a great idea to try lining it with a ribbon if I’m not happy with how it comes out. And it might add a nifty little finishing touch.