shaping neck on sweater dress

my pattern says to shape neck: knit to middle 42 sts. place those middle sts onto a stitch holder, attach another ball of yarn and knit to end of row. 21 sts for each shoulder. What does this mean?

Hi! If I understand what you wrote correctly you should have 84 stitches currently on your needle. If this is correct you will knit the first 21 stitches place the next 42 stitches onto a stitch holder attach a new ball of yarn and knit the remaining 21 stitches which should take you to the end of the row. According to the information you provided that would be the explanation. The 21 stitches on each sde are your shoulder stitches. Could you provide us with a link or the name of the pattern?

Thank you so much. The pattern is Plymouth Yarn, Sockotta Limited: Girl’s Dress. This is my first outfit to knit and I am kind of at a loss.

Also how do I attach a new ball of yarn? Newbie question!!!

There are so many ways to attach another ball but remember to always leave at least inches so that you can weave the ends in after[]( Here are a couple of links for you to look at. Happy knitting!

I read the instructions on joining yarn but am confused. Since I have 42 stitches on holder in middle do I use tail of old yarn & new yarn tail & pull 2 sides together with stitch holder in middle? So confused. Thanks so much.

Hadble you are going to knit the first 21 stitches leave the yarn attached then you will place the next 42 stitches on a stitch holder, pick up a nrw ball of yarn and knit the remaining. When it comes to the next row you have 2 sides and 2 balls of yarn, therefore you are going to work on the firdt 21 stitches using the ball of yarn you attached you will skip ovrr the stitches on the holder and procreed to work on the remaining 21 stitches with the original ball. Does this make sense to you now? Continue using the separate balls until it tells you to do something with the stitches on the holder