Shaping muzzle on teddy bear

Hello everyone!

I am having a difficult time trying to figure this out. I am knitting my first teddy bear. I have made teddy’s before but they were crocheted.

The pattern says: running the needle behind the top of the knit stitches at the top and bottom. Gather these stitches enough to shape the muzzle.

I am guessing that this means run yarn down each side of where the muzzle is suppose to be and tighten it?

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

That’s what it sounds like, yarn on a tapestry needle to gather the sts, . Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name, just to be sure?

Hello, thank you for replying.

This is the pattern -

Very cute pattern. Yes, thread some yarn on a tapestry needle and pick up the backs of the sts enough to gather them and shape the muzzle.

Thank you for confirming this. I will give it a try. :slight_smile: