Shaping crown in 2x2 rib hat?

I’ve finished a 2x2 rib scarf and am making a matching 2x2 rib hat. i’m at the point where i need to start shaping the crown – but can’t figure out how to decrease without messing up the ribs. If I decrease by knitting 2 of the knit stitches together, i’m left with one knit stitch surrounded by 2 purl stitches on either side.

Am I crazy? or it this the way it’s supposed to be. Clearly I’m not following a pattern (can’t find one using 2x2), but does anyone have a simple way to knit or purl 2 together in shaping the crown that keeps the ribs looking ok?


I’m not positive on this answer, so I’m just bumping for you.

My friend (she’s had many patterns published & has knitted for a long time) told another on a KR post that if you decrease evenly, she said every 8 sts that the result will be a swirl on the top of the hat.
I’ve decreased 22 ribbing on hats, but can’t find my pattern; I know that I just did evenly spaced decreases every other row, just as described above; there’s just no way that the 22 ribbing will remain the same if you are doing this in the round. I say there isn’t…if there is, it’s unknown to me… :blush: sorry

I looked around and referencing this hat @ may be helpful