Shaping bonnet help!

Hi everyone.
I’ve been up to my wits end with a pattern that I just can’t figure out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The pattern is the isidor bonnet by goldnuss on Etsy. I’m up to the part where I need to shape the back of the head after dividing the bonnet into three sections; left, middle and right.
There are 11 steps that go as follows:1) knit up to the stitch before the last marker (left hand edge) 2) remove marker and knit the stitch before and after marker together
3)leave stitch on right needle turn work around
4)purl back up to other marker
5) purl last stitch before the marker remove marker
6)turn around again there will be a gap between your two needles
7)slip the first stitch after the gap from your left needle to your right
8)insert your left needle into front of the loop of what was the last stitch before the gap before you slipped the one from left needle over
9)pull one over the slipped one
10)straighten a little
11) knit back to the other side
The pattern then says to repeat steps 1-11 until all side stitches until you have none. After four rows of decreases you then have to increase stitches to the midsection while decreasing, and eventually they will be diminished by decreasing.
Now I did steps 1-11 religiously but I noticed gaps where the turns were. The pattern doesn’t say how to close them or to close them so I just carried on and I ended up using my midsection stitches as I decreased on the sides and it came out as a funny little triangle. I must be decreasing at the wrong place, so I need to know where to decrease two together the second and following rounds? And how to treat those decreases as I come to them again?

Also for the gaps what can I do? The pattern is detailed with pictures so I’m surprised she doesn’t mention how this is done. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

You won’t be using up the stitches in the middle section. You should be using up the sts in the 2 side sections. It sounds a bit like turning the heel on a sock.
When you work 2sts together (either the k2tog or passing the slipped stitch over) you should close up the gap between 2sts. It’s a bit like turning a heel in that sense.

I’ll give it a try on the needles.

ETA: I tried it and found the easiest thing to do is to keep replacing the markers. On the knit side it’s not so difficult to see the gap between the needles and knit together the stitch before and the one after the gap. If you want to keep the marker, replace it on end of the left needle before you turn.
On the purl side it helps to have the marker even if it’s a bit cumbersome to keep removing and replacing. In this case follow the directions and after you turn, replace the marker on the right needle just to the right of the stitch that has the slipped stitch collar.
It also helps to keep count of your center stitches to make sure that they stay the same.
Here’s a photo from the Etsy page:
KH2 smaller

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Thank you
That was really helpful. I did what you said and I think it worked hehehe. When you think back so many times and finally do it right you still are in doubt.
But my decreases are finally looking aligned in a vertical line and there are no longer huge gaps so I guess I’ve done the decreases right! Now onto the rest of the shaping.
Tia xx

That’s wonderful news. Show us a photo of the bonnet when you finish. We love to see finished projects!