Shaping Armholes Sirdar Baby Bamboo Knit Cardigan


Bamboo DK 1802

Shaping Armholes, Decreasing 1 St at each end of every row

Hi just wondering if anyone could help me, this is my first time knitting a cardigan and I have been ok with the pattern until I have got to the shaping armholes bit. I’m really confused as I don’t know how to keep continuity of the pattern but decreasing one st at each end of every row.

I would be so grateful if anyone could tell me what my rows should be please?

Thank you so much In advance


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It might help to write out the pattern across the row and then cross off a stitch on each end each time you decrease. But really, the best way to work this is to look at the pattern on the previous rows and maintain that pattern, the columns of knits and purls.
Is there a pattern number or source for your pattern?


Thank you!
Call me stupid but which stitch do my get rid of :see_no_evil:
I’m totally new to knitting. I tried doing the 3rd row by following the 1st row again but my stitches ended up out of place.

Yes the number is 1802 is that the number you need?
It’s a sirdar baby bamboo knit


Very sweet!

You can eliminate the first stitch of the row. See if that helps but keep watch after about 5sts to make sure the pattern is maintained. The decrease at the end will be easier to work.


Thank you,

So would my 3rd row be…

K2tog, K1, *p1, k3 rep from * to last 5 sts. P1, k1, k2tog.


You have to account for the decrease on the purl row as well (row 2).
K2tog, *p1, k3 rep from * …


I still really don’t understand lol


This is going to be easier to work out when you have the sts on the needles. Place markers before the first (p1,k3) repeat and after the last repeat. For the first few rows you’ll only be dealing with the sts outside the markers.
Row 2 looks to me to have an error. I think it should be:
P2tog, k2 (p1, k3) k1, p2tog.

Row 3 is then:
K2tog, (p1,k3) k1, k2tog.

For row 4 you’ll have to move the marker over one repeat (4sts) in order to work the decrease.
See if the markers help with the end sts and repeats.