Shaping armhole and front neck vintage baby cardigan


Hi there, I’m a fairly new knitter and I’m only just getting used to reading patterns and this section has confused me slightly.

I have managed the first section fine however when I get to the shaping of the raglan armholes the number of stitches don’t add up. Is it just me not reading it properly or is this a pattern error? I am working the bigger size which is highlighted in pink.

If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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The stitches add up, they are just rather confusing to decipher.
On row 3 there is a dec near beginning of row and one near end of row. One is the raglan shaping for the arm and one is the neck shaping.
The raglan then dec on every alternate row so row 5,7,9,11,13, 15, 17 and so on
The neck shaping though decrease on alternate rows only twice more, rows, 5 and 7
And then it is only decreased on the 4th row 11, 15, 19, 23, 25 (these are the 5 times)

In effect you dec both ends for a couple of alt rows but then you have a pattern of
Dec at raglan
Dec at raglan and neck
Dec at raglan
Dec at ragkan and neck
And so on. Because the raglan is every 2 rows and the neck every 4th.

When you have done the neck the correct number of times it will be down to 11 stitches. Then you have a few more raglan edges to continue to dec down to 7.

I hope this helps. These patterns are hard to understand but it becomes easier.

I agree and certainly agree the the wording on this is confusing. (The last neck shaping row should be row 27 rather than 25.)

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Oops, sorry, of course!

Thank you so much for your response! This makes so much sense now

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You’re welcome.
If you get stuck again just ask.

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