Shaping a seamless yoke sweater

All the seamless yoke sweaters I have seen are a little “generous” looking. Maybe the people wearing them simply preferred oversized sweaters, or maybe the imprecise fit of the yoke dictated a generous fit.

Well, in the interest of a more feminine look, I’d like to add some waist shaping to a basic seamless yoke sweater pattern.

However, my worry is that the bodies of seamless yoke sweaters are tube-shaped for a reason – the reason being that extra roominess in the body is needed to compensate for the wearer’s arm movement. For example, f you are wearing a sweater and you lift one arm up and to the side, you can feel the sweater pull on the opposite side of your body. If I were to take away some of that “wiggle room” by shaping the waist, would there be an uncomfortable amount of “pull” around the opposite shoulder?

Has anyone made (or seen) a shaped seamless yoke sweater before?

In searching around the internet, I found some commercially made close-fitting “fair isle” yoke sweaters at JCrew. They all were an interesting combination of raglan and seamless yoke construction. Basically, they had a raglan construction for a close-fitting armhole, but relied on yoke decreases to maintain the “fair isle” color patterns. I couldn’t see whether they had any waist shaping. (They were close-fitting sweaters on stick-thin models!)