Shape Neck in Moss Stich

Can you please help me decipher the Shape Neck part of this pattern:

Shape Neck.
Next Row Patt 15, turn, leave rem 26 on a stitch holder.
Working on these 15 sts only proceed as follows:-
Next Row: Patt.
Work 2 rows dec 1 st at neck edge every row. 13 sts

I understand that first part but from Next Row am I to do 3 rows or only 2 ie. a row following the pattern only and
then 2 rows where I decrease OR just 2 rows where I decrease.

Grateful for your help x

Sounds like work one row in pattern back to the armhole edge, then work 2 rows where you decrease at the neck edge. What pattern are you making? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?

Thank you for your reply which is how I first interpreted it. I am attempting to help my friend with her pattern for a chunky jumper in moss stich. The pattern is a King Cole Ltd one, but I only have a photocopy of the relevant page.