Shape armholes pattern help please

Hi, please help explain the following pattern instruction for a Dec stitch to shape arm hole…

Dec 1 st at each end of next 3 rows ( understand that bit) then on 2 foll alt rows and then on foll 4th row…

I start with 58 st and end with 46.

Last bit is a bit confusing… Does it mean after the dec on the 3 rows I do the following
Row 1 knit as is
Row 2 decrease
Row 3 knit as is
Row 4 decrease
Row 5 knit as is
Row 6 knit as is
Row 7 knit as is
Row 8 decrease

Than I am being asked to work straight until arm hole is 11 cm ( which is knit as is) but then I am asked to work 10 rows is that just straight forward carry on another 10 rows.

Sorry for not getting this, I have only been knitting for 2 months. Thanks in advance

Yes, you’ve got the decrease sequence perfectly. And yes, it sounds like after working for 11cm, you work 10 rows more. If the pattern doesn’t specify a pattern for these final 10 rows, then carry on as you have been doing. Just to be sure can you tell us the pattern name or link to the pattern?

Pattern is Kim hargreaves so no link and actually I have been working in st st so I guess my decrease will be on a knit row and the as row will be a purl row.

There after
I will work straight in st st- correct??? For 11 cm and then carry on st st for 10 more rows

Thanks in advance.

If it’s stockinette then yes, dec on consecutive knit row, purl row, knit row and then all the following decreases will fall on knit rows. The 11cm and the following 10rows are also stockinette. The photo of the pattern will also help you. You should see the typical stockinette Vs in the picture.