Shape Armhole & Neck Question


I am working on the Laced-Front Sweater from Joan McGowan-Michael’s Knitting Lingerie Style book, and I’m curious if I’m interpreting correctly what the following means. I’m working on the Right Front piece of the sweater and am getting to the point where I need to shape the armhole and neck. The directions state as follows:

Work armhole as for left side of Back, and AT THE SAME TIME decrease 1 st 5 sts in from neck edge every 2 rows 6 times, then every 4 rows 12 times - 19 sts remain.

If I understand correctly, I should work it as the directions stated for shaping the armholes on the back, which state as follows:

BO 6 sts at the beginning of next two rows, then BO 0 sts at beginning of following two rows.

The only thing being different is I BO on the side-seam side, and decrease on the neck side.

Am I correct, or completely off the mark?

Thank you!:knitting:

I think you’ve got it right. Lots of patterns call for “at the same time” as for shaping the armhole and neckline at the same time.

Sounds like you’ve got it. For the right front, you can do the first neckline decrease on the RS or public side of the sweater, turn and bind off 6sts once on the WS or private side of the sweater. Then you just continue with the neckline decs since there’s only the one bind off at the armhole.
I think this is a photo:

That’s the sweater!

Thanks for the help!