Shadow/Illusion Knitting

I have been working on shadow knitting, where you knit with 2 different colors and create what looks like stripes, but reveals a hidden pattern when you look at the fabric a certain way. I’ve got the technique down, and now I’m looking for directions on how to design my own shadow patterns. I can tell there’s a method to the patterns I’ve tried, but my design attempts have come out very very wrong.

very cool. i’ve been wanting to try some of this too, but alas, my project list is…
to say the least.

sorry i can’t be very helpful. you could try posting at the craftser site? seems like something that would come up over there.

yes I might have to try that… i noticed that lots of people have looked at this post, but only one replied! I may just have to do the try-it-then-frog-it method. :roll:

Here’s instructions on designing your own illusion/shadow garment. And here’s a collection of pattern links using this method.

Have fun! I hope we get to see what you design!

Oh I get it now. I was thinking that you wanted to knit a stereogram. I can’t do them, but here’s an example:

Man, I didn’t even have a stressful day :!:

I did the heart pattern scarf in the list and it looks great! vivien Hoxbro’s book Shadow Knitting is terrific!

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

thank you