Shaded Shells Throw

Has anyone made Shaded Shells Throw by Marianne Forrestal for Red Heart yarns? I need a lot of help with this but mainly I need to know if this is flat shells or bobbles. Also, if I wanted to make a scarf how many stitches across would I need?

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Very pretty!

Perhaps @okckwilter can help here.

Thanks, salmonmac, for the earburn but I’m not sure how much help I can be. This stitch pattern looks like a flat shell to me, 5 dc decreased to one stitch at the top, but then I’d never heard of a bobble until I started knitting and reading here and Ravelry a few years ago. I’ve crocheted for probably 50+ years but never ran into a “bobble” before! Lol!

PennsylvaniaPat, unfortunately, I can’t begin to guess how many stitches you’d need for a scarf. It’ll depend on your gauge with the yarn you decide to use, and how wide you want your scarf. So a gauge swatch will have to be done first. I noticed that Red Heart Super Saver, the yarn specified in the pattern, is listed as an Aran weight on Ravelry. If you use a lighter weight yarn, your gauge will definitely be a factor. The pattern states “(sc, 5 dc, sc, 5 dc, sc) = 4”. In a perfect world, with perfectly matching gauge, three repeats should equal 12". Maybe that’s a starting place to figure for the width of your scarf once you know your gauge with your yarn?

I’ll be glad to help further though if I can. Pretty pattern! Let us know how it goes for you!

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Thanks for the responses. I already made this throw however I ripped it ALL out because I started out with the proper width and somehow slowly tapered it down to a much smaller width. I called it a Mummy blanket! I just restarted it again and I agree the colors are amazing. When working the decrease, if you tighten the sc at top you will form a bobble. Makes an interesting surface but I think I’ll work it flat.

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