SEX: 'Make up sister' fight yarn suggestions?

I need to knit my sister an “I am sorry” scarf and am looking for suggestions. I am doing a scarf since it’s needs to be done faster than a bigger project. She wears mostly black and white for her clothes. She’s kind of a ‘big city/uptown’ girl. I was thinking of a chenille in a periwinkle.

Anyone have suggestions? There’s a handful of LYS near me so I am optimistic that one of them will carry it or I am willing to order online too!

Apologies in advance…I am guessing that this is the right forum area to post this question. If not, please let me know where I should put it.

Also, SEX stands for [U]S[/U]tash [U]EX[/U]pedition per the FAQ page.

Brooklyn Tweed in her colors

Okay…I am a bit new to the world of yarn on the web. I think that makes me a closet knitter, really.

So I googled Brooklyn tweed thinking I would find a yarn and instead I found cool website and an interesting scarf.

It looks like he used Noro Silk Garden. One yarn throughout (2 balls) and another two yarns alternately throughout.

I like the pattern. It’s simple and the yarn used gets all the attention.

Is this what you meant? Or did I miss it and stumble on something else?

If she wears mostly blacks and creams, I think periwinkle will stand out too much. (Unless she tends to accessorize like that.) I’d say something in camel tones might suit her wardrobe better. I like that brooklyn tweed scarf, I had not seen it before.


I recently knit the Danica scarf from in selfstriping black-gray-white yarn. It looks classy and fits your sister’s wardrobe and also is very special. here’s my scarf.

Yes, she accessorizes with brights; girly pink, periwrinkle blue, sea green, etc.

I decided to go with the brooklyn tweed. But I am not sure I get the pattern. I am going to make another post to get some double-check help.

I picked Noro Silk Garden87, 246, adn 251.

LOL!! I wonder how many people look at this just wondering what it’s all about…

Okay, so I went a little crazy. I fell in love with Noro yarn. I don’t know how I have ever missed it. Maybe it’s because bin is so overwhelming with all the colors.

Either way, thanks for your help.