Sewing Velcro on Knitting **UPDATED WITH PICTURES!**

Hi Everyone! :hug:

I just finished knitting this wool wrap, and am ready to sew on the velcro.

Problem is, I’ve never sewn onto my knitting before. I have absolutely no idea how to do it. I thought about maybe pinning tissue paper to the wrong side, but then the feed dogs won’t catch and won’t move the fabric, right? But if I just sew it as if it were just a piece of cotton fabric, won’t the feed dogs get caught in my knitting? I don’t want to ruin it.

Any ideas? :shrug:

I’ve never sewn velcro on knitting, or sewn on any knitting. But I have sewn velcro. If I recall the velcro itself is thinner than it appears for the actual sewing. The thickness of the knitted piece is worrisome. But on my machine I can adjust for the thickness of what I am sewing.

If it was me I’d hand stitch, or baste the velcro in place to tack it down for sewing, I think it would slip out of place with just the pins. Then I would set my machine to maximum thickness and lay it flat and smooth and go. I would sew it with velcro side up. I know what you mean about the feed dog catching, but maybe if you go slow and check at first every few stitches it will turn out all right. The wool should be pretty durable. Worst case scenario it won’t work and you’ll have to hands stitch the velcro on, which doesn’t sound pleasant!

I love the diaper wrap. I didn’t knit when I had babies but in natural baby catalogs would read about wool soakers. I never used them, but did use cloth with the standard velcro diaper wraps.

velcro is evil

dont bother with the velcro i went to walmart and bought some to put on a pattern i made and it doesn’t work. well it didn’t for me. i just used the yarn i had and used that to sew up the seams and worked great maggie

Thanks for the advice, Amy. I’ve sewn velcro before, and I must admit, my machine isn’t too fond of it. :teehee: But I’ve gotta figure something out because this is for a friend and I need to get it mailed out this week (before she has her baby!)! Ahhh!

I haven’t sewn velcro onto any knitting yet, but I did just put a zipper into a knitted purse, so here is my experience. The feed dogs did have a bit of snagging (a bulky weight, wool-blend yarn), but nothing tragic. I just went slow and careful. As long as I sewed with the zipper part facing upwards, I had minimal trouble…it was once I turned my knitting so the knitted fabric was facing up that the presserfoot gave me more trouble with the fabric catching than the feed dogs did. My machine is made to go over many layers of denim, so I figured that some bulky weight knitting fabric shouldn’t have been a problem for it. The only other things I’d suggest to you to try are to make sure you have thicker sewing needles maybe (I used a size 100/16 one made for jeans/denim because the yarn I used was bulky, coupled with a zipper), and you may have to adjust your stitch length/tension (whenever I have thick sewing to do, I have to lengthen my stitch length and loosen my tension a bit). And although this may sound silly, make sure you use a brand new sewing needle on your machine–I always forget to do this (I guess I think they’re supposed to last forever! :rofl: :oops: ), and I inevitably always have trouble with my sewing. It’s a small thing I should do first and foremost to avoid trouble since they get dull so fast. :doh:

I also use a product called Sewer’s Aid, which is a really great product that helps make sewing go easier. There are different ways you can use it; I use just a drop on my sewing needle, then I sew for a minute or two on a piece of scrap fabric before sewing on my project to make sure there’s no residue (I’ve heard you can also put a few drops onto your thread spool and/or bobbin spool thread, but I haven’t tried those techniques). It makes the thread glide through the needle and the needle really work easier through your fabric, and it helps with skipped stitches. You can scroll down a bit on this page and read a bit more about it.

Good luck, and I hope it turns out great for you! :cheering:

I used Velcro Fabric Fusion which has heat activated adhesive…you iron it on. I used it on a knitted doll sweater. The bond is supposed to get stronger even when the item is laundered. I used an ironing cloth between the iron and the sweater.

Cookworm, thank you sooooo much for all that information! I really appreciate it! I guess I’m just gonna go for it, and hope it doesn’t snag too bad. I figured there’s gotta be a way because so many people make knitted bags and sew linings in them, ya know? Anyway, I’ll make sure to use a new (big) needle, and go slow. Thanks for the tips!! :hug:

Beverly, I didn’t even think about iron on velcro! I already have a stock of the sew-on kind, but I will remember this for next time. Thank you! :slight_smile:

oops. i was going to say that velcro and knitted things don’t mix, but then I looked at your pattern.

Good luck sewing it on!!!

Hi Everyone!! I just wanted to say thanks for all the advice…I sewed the velcro to the knitting and it turned out great!

Tips? Use a brand new needle, and go slow. It was easy as pie! :slight_smile:

More pictures on my blog!

Thanks again for all the help! You guys are great! :hug:

Great job :happydance:

Thank you! :hug:

I’d like to recommend a walking-foot for the sewing machine for any of you that do a lot of sewing to knitting.

The walking foot is great for sewing to knitting because essentially instead of having your knitting slide under the foot and snag on the feed dogs (which kind of go in a walking motion themselves)… you can put the knitting on top and the presser foot attachment will walk over your knitting. These are normally used in quilting, or I used them when sewing wedding dresses.

For an example scroll down a bit here:

now why didn’t i think of the walking feet? :doh:

those things are great if one material is stretch and the other isn’t…

Ooohhhh…I’m new at sewing, and I’ve heard of the “walking-foot”, but I’ve never seen them or used them. Are they trickier than sewing with the regular foot?

Thanks for the recommendation! :slight_smile: