Sewing up my sweater

Hi Knitters! Long time no post…
so I’m knitting my first sweater and its time to sew up the shoulders. I saw that someone on here suggested sewing up the shoulders with the 3 needle bind off method. I can do that…but how do I start that from two bind off edges? Do I pick up stitches from both bind off edges and then bind them all off? Or do I just put the needle in somewhere along the edge and use those stiches to bind off? Everything I try looks sloppy…

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To do a three needle bind off you use live stitches on your two pieces. You’re not supposed to bind off the pieces individually and then try to bind them off again together.

If you’ve already bound off your two pieces, I suggest you undo that and use the live stitches. Or choose another technique to put the pieces together.

Good luck! :smiley:

yes I understand that about 3 needle bind off…but for the sweater pieces it requires them to be bound off already. I think I’ll try picking up stitches and doing the 3 needle bind off like that…

[color=green]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “maska av” = “bind off”

I’ve never tried doing a 3NBO by picking up stitches from an already bound off edge/piece. To be honest though, I’m not sure it’ll look very neat as the “joint” will be consisting of two already bound off edges, a “wonk” where new stitches have been picked up and then the actual bound off edge/ridge inbetween.

What kind of sweater is it you’re working on that requires the pieces to be bound off individually? I have simply ignored instructions telling me to bind off the pieces when I’ve reached that far. I’ve put the live stitches on holders until I’ve finished all pieces and can 3NBO them properly. Wouldn’t that be possible for your sweater? :thinking:

Hope it works out for you!

If it was a sloped shoulder, you use short rows to shape the shoulder before using 3nbo. I’d use mattress stitch if they’re bound off and you don’t want to take them out. I agree that picking up and then binding off might look funny–but it’s easy to take out if you try it and don’t like it.

Yeah I though it over and next time I will put the stitches on holders instead of binding off, it makes much more sense. Since I hate backtracking I went ahead with the 3 needle bo with the picked up stitches. I made sure the bound off edges were on the inside of the sweater. It actually doesn’t look back at all, just like a fat but clean seam on the outside, I think I’ll leave it that way. But in the future I’ll simply use stitch holders, much less work. Its my first sweater, so its kind of an experiment.
thanks for all the suggestions though!