Sewing up garment

So….I am finally ready to sew up my cardigan.
I used mattress stitch on the raglan sleeves, which looks great, but I don’t enjoy doing that stitch.
Is there any other stitch I can use to do the side seams, ie over sew stitch.
Any help would be great.
If mattress stitch is the one, then I shall reluctantly use it.
Thanks in advance

There are other ways to seam but I think you may get a more useful answer if we know what type of fabric you are seaming, ie what stitch. There are different seams for example for garter stitch or stocking stitch or reverse stocking stitch. Some seams are more suitable for certain stitches.

What was it about mattress stitch you didn’t like?

Creations…. I think I am generally impatient, and want to do it the easiest way.
I have knitted a cardigan in stocking stitch.
Have a sneaky suspicion now, that I did the mattress stitch wrong, although it looks ok.
Do I stitch from the right side or wrong side when doing mattress stitch.
I haven’t done any knitting for probably 30 years, and only remember over sewing seams.

With mattress stitch have the right side facing you. It does take time but it is so neat, almost invisible,

Here’s a different type of seam

Some people really do he seaming. There are patterns now which are made without seaming which is one thing to consider if you really hate it.

Or learn to love it. I find it quite nice now to do a seam, I do kind of mentally prepare for it though. Same with tinking back rows, I try to approach it in a medative kind of way rather than a frustrated way. My tinking has improved!

Mattress stitch is very neat but there are times when it’s not the most useful seam. I find that I can match up stripes and some increases better with a back stitch. It’s basically a sewing stitch and it leaves about the same seam on the inside of the garment as mattress stitch.

I don’t particularly like to seam shoulders this was as 3 needle bind off is so clean and sturdy at a shoulder but the backstitch on sleeves for example, works nicely.

These are very helpful videos thank you.

Mattress stitch it is,it does look so much better.

I did look at my knitting, and I have done it right on the raglan sleeves. Obviously having a senior moment when I looked at it this morning.