Sewing sleeves together

I am a newbie working on a sweater pattern that has separate sleeves, fronts and back. The pattern says to bind off 4 stitches before placing the remaining stitches on a holder. Then join all the pieces and continue knitting the yoke.
When I went back to join the sleeves and sides together where I had bound off the stitches became a “bump” out . Looked wrong to me so I just seamed it straight up and ended up with a bulky piece under the arm.
Hard to describe…
Any suggestions on how I should have joined the sleeves to avoid this problem

There should have been bound off sts on both the body and sleeves which would be seamed together as well.

Usually there are bound off sts on both sides of the sleeve and corresponding sts bound off on the fronts and back. You can match up the bound off sts and seam them. Alternatively, if you don’t bind them off but put them on st holders or spare yarn, you can graft them together or use 3 needle bind off to join them. Seaming, grafting or 3 needle bind-off are non-bulky joins.

Aloha, thank you for the replies. I did not explain very clearly. Actually there were bound off sts on both sleeves and body but I am not getting how to make the transition (?) from sleeve to body. What I have is both sleeve and body projecting out then sort of scooping in along the bound off sts to where the yoke takes over. Can you suggest a place that shows a picture or video of how to handle this?
I have a feeling once I “get it” I will be saying"oh, of course!"

When you connect the pieces for the yoke, follow the instructions and put the sweater parts onto the needle in the order given: front, sleeve, back, sleeve, and front. Then knit around on the live sts (don’t pick up any sts over the bound off sts) to join the parts as the pattern tells you. Don’t worry about the extra bound off sts at the underarms on the sleeves and body until you’re finished. It’ll be easier to work the yoke first and when you’re finished, go back and seam these sts. They should align when you match up the sleeve to body and form an underarm seam, not bulge out at all.

Thank you salmonmac. So after I pick up the fronts, sleeves and back in proper order and knit the yoke I stitch the sleeves together, stitch the fronts to the back. Will I then stitch the bond off stitches to the part of the yoke that spans the sleeves and body? thank you

You’ll stitch the bound off sts from the underarm part of the sleeve to the bound off sts on the underarm part of the join of the fronts and back. This will be a relatively short seam to close the under arm. I think it may become clearer if you pin the sleeves closed and pin the fronts and backs together. Then you’ll see the opening for the underarm seam. It’s a good idea to piece the finished sweater together this way to make sure you have all the seams in the right place before you sew. I just use safety pins for this.

Oooohh, I think I have got it. Now I need to take the stitching out and do it correctly. I thank you and my little niece would thank you too since this will make the sweater much more comfortable.
mahalo nui loa (thank you very much)