Sewing seam in seed stitch

Hi there! I’m making a headband in seed stitch and it has you seam up the cast on and bind off edges. I’ve done a search and beyond kitchener stitch when both edges are still on the needles, I haven’t found anything that clear on how to do it so it lays nicely.

I know how to seam stockinette and reverse stockinette, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do the seed stitch. Any help is appreciated!

Hi Rissa!

Here is one idea: cast on using the provisional cast-on.
Then when you have knit the length you want, and are wanting to bind off…don’t bind off the end…but, instead…put those provisional stitches back on another needle…and do the 3-needle bind-off, thereby seaming one end to the other.

Amy has a video for [U]provisional cast on[/U], and a video for [U]3-needle[/U] [U]bind-off[/U].

I use as pointy of a needle as possible when doing 3-needle bind-offs.

Don’t be nervous to try these techniques! They are both real easy.

You know, I should have done that, lol. Live and learn to read through a pattern fully and think it through before casting on.
I ended up just doing a sort of whip stitch and it looked ok. Not as seamless as what you suggested, but my 11 year old couldn’t tell where the seam was. Not that thats much of a gauge, lol! Next time…

Thanks for your followup, Rissa! It is good to know that all turned out well!