Sewing Patterns for Sale

Just in case there are any seamstresses out there, I am selling these patterns:


3677 (female Pirate) *Size 6,8,10,12
4136 (Wizard of Oz) *Size 6,8,10,12
4055 (Circa 1795-1825) *Size 6,8,10,12
2966 (corset) Size 6,8,10,12


6582 (Retro) *6,8,10


M5094 (dresses) *4,6,8,10
M4654 (costumes) 6,8,10,12

Vintage Vogue:

V2902 (dress) 6,8,10

If you look that the perspective websites for each one - you can do a search and see a picture of the pattern.

They are all $6.00 each with $2.00 shipping, and if you want to buy a few of them talk to me and I could arrange special bulk prices for you. I just want to get them off of my hands! :slight_smile:

PM me and let me know!


If anyone is still interested, the patterns are still for sale!