Sewing knit fabric

Are there any special tricks to it?

Well first you gotta know how to sew. Which I don’t know how to do so I’m interested in learning too. So what are you trying to do?

Um, machine sewing? Fabric you knit yourself? Or double knit bought at the fabric store?

I’ll check back later.

Machine sewing fabric you’ve knit yourself. I’m just wondering because I’ve seen some people do things like steeks with a sewing machine and some people attach purse liners using their sewing machines

I’ve done steeks and there’s no special trick to it. The steeks I’ve done have been on very thin yarn, so there were no loops to catch on the parts of the sewing machine. I have read, though, that if you have trouble with catching, you can put a piece of tissue–the gift wrap kind–under the knitting to prevent that. Just tear it off afterwards.

I suggest using a scrap piece of the knit fabric and practice. That way you can figure out what tension/stitch size, etc. works with it.

Thanks Jan, Ingrid! Much appreciated. :smiley: