sewing chunky yarn together

I’m knitting a cover for a pillow using Yarn Bee (gauge 2.5 stitches 3.5 rows using 25mm circular needles). I’m almost done and I’m not sure how I sew the side seems together. It’s super chunky wool and I can’t find a darning needle or tapestry needle with a large enough eye to thread the material through. Does anyone have any ideas.
I’d appreciate any advise.
Pauline Dunford

Do you crochet? Crocheting the edges together might work well. Otherwise I’m not sure since I’ve not done it. I’ll see what I can find and post if I do find something.

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I like the idea of crocheting the edges together. You could also try using a worsted weight yarn of a similar color to seam the edges.

Thank you ladies. I’ll have to see if I can find a large enough crochet hook.

Try a size “K” hook that might work