Sewing bound off edges

Hi everyone!
I have a pattern for a hat with ear flaps, they are two separate pieces that need to be sewn together. they say to following sewing for bind off to bind off. Any ideas on how to do this.:pout:

Hopefully understand what you’re asking. Is it worked in stockinette? You could work the two BO edges as you would the shoulders of a garment. Pick up the / of one piece and then the /\ of the other. Alternate back and forth. OR, you could undo the BOs and have live sts on both…then do 3-ndl BO.


one piece is garter stitch and the other piece has garter ridges.

If it were me, I’d opt to undo the BO and do 3-ndl for a nice, clean join. Garter can get bulky when seaming. (Another option is grafting, with live sts, but that’s more complicated.)


You could also try the edge-to-edge seam and avoid a ridge on the inside of the hat.