Sewing a Tulle Table Skirt

Hi Everyone! This might be the dumbest question on a “Knitting Help!” forum, but I’m desperate and I am praying someone sews. Okay, so I decided to sew my own “Tulle Table-skirt,” and how I did it, I am not sure if it’s right. I bought 9 yards of tulle to fit an 8ft table and I sewed all that material on an elastic band. My plan is to add Velcro and stick it to the tablecloth underneath. Now, my problem is I need to either hem or cut the tulle for the drop off the table. It’s a lot of darn tulle to hem. My question is if I cut it evenly would that look good or cut it and try to glue ribbon on the first layer of bottom. The bad part is, when I searched on the internet to sew a tulle table-skirt, it was always no-sew and I didn’t like the way it looked as a no-sew.

Guys I am really stressed here, because my forte is not sewing, I just winged it. Help?

Tulle usually doesn’t have a hem. They just cut it off where needed and call it good to go.

for 99% of us, it’s no-sew, and for good reason. it’s HARD to do. excruciatingly hard.

my mom was trying to do one for my niece’s birthday party. i looked up everywhere online i could… the best i got for sewing advice was having to pin newspaper/waxpaper/etc to the fabric, both sides, using a special machine foot, and going slowly, and even then, there are many many issues, because of tension, slipperiness, snagging, etc. and this is from experienced costumers, decorators, etc. (also, depending on the materials in combination with certain threads, you can actually melt/burn the fabric without even blinking).

if it’s a darker color, you can try a few basting stitches here and there, but overall, it’s better to just cut a straight edge and leave it.

thank you