Sewing a toy together

Hi all,

I recently bought a little kit to make a small hedgehog toy to have a got at making something. I’ve knitted each piece of the toy and now need to sew it altogether.

But I really don’t know where it to start. The instructions just say, sew the legs to the body… or attach the ears to the head -but I don’t know how ?!

Does anyone have any good tutorials of just how you are meat to sew body parts together?

Also, the hedgehogs body is made from eyelash wool, so when it comes to just sewing the body closed, I don’t know if I can just get away with doing any old thing given the fluffy hair will hide my stitches?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

The key is in the use of the eyelash yarn. It’ll both make it a little more difficult to seam and hide any aberrant stitches.
I’d use a plain thin yarn in a similar color if you have it or sewing thread to seam the parts. If it’s easy to use mattress stitch, that’s fine but it may not be so easy to see where you are with the eyelash yarn.
Here’s a video and photo tutorial that may help:

You find the best links!!

Thanks, Jan.

ohh this is wonderful, thank you so much for this ! :slight_smile: I will take a look at this properly over the weekend and see just how far I can get.

Thank you so much again !