Sewing a shawl collar

I have been making the Berocco Alec sweater for hubby and am now knitting the shawl collar, which is knitted as a long piece of stocking stitch with a turn (which I have been doing Japanese short row style) every 22 rows. I’ve sewn up the rest of the sweater to be better able to gauge how long the piece needs to be. However as this is my first go at knitting a shawl collar sweater I’m unclear as to exactly how to best sew the separate collar to the main body of the sweater. I’ve found a number of videos that use picking up stitches but none that involve a separate collar and as I’ve already sewn the sweater together I don’t want to mess up the very last part! Can anybody help me find a good video to show me how to do this?

Mattress stitch works but you may not want the seam. Bickford seam works well and I’ve used it on cardigan collars.

Ooh I like it, seems (pardon the pun) to be fairly straightforward and your work flatter - I like the lack of a ridge on the WS. One other query though, the bottom of the neck of the sweater is a little rounded but as the collar is knitted separately the edges (well, the cast on edge so far) are quite square. Would I be able to seam them edge to edge with the body of the sweater?

You can still give a Bickford seam a try across the back neck even though you won’t have a one to one correspondence of sts. However, it might be easier and sturdier to use mattress stitch across the back of the neck.

Thanks. When I get to that point I’ll pin it all together first of course. Wish me luck!!! :slight_smile:

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Of course! Enjoy finishing up and yes, do pin the collar in place first.