Sew or Glue Soles to Fuzzy Feet Slippers

I purchased this

to use as soles for my Fuzzy Feet slippers (
At first I intended to sew it onto the slippers, but after thinking about it, I am wondering if the thread will cut into the felted yarn. The directions state that it can be sewn or glued onto fabric. Have any of you used this before? What do you think?

Felted fabric is pretty tough so sewing shouldn’t hurt it. I wonder if a combination of the two would work best. Glue it and then use a whip stitch or something around the edge? :think:

As a trucker I am obligated to suggest duct tape. :mrgreen:


You and my dad!! He thinks duct tape can cure all problems.

Or with the duct tape, you could try silicone! :teehee:

Heck, you could just stick the duct tape on there and not bother with the Jiffy Grip at all! :smiley:

I did this to my felted clogs. They were so slippery on wood floors. This worked like a charm. I used the same yarn that the sole was knit with and did a blanket stitch around.

Wow, thank you!! I have never heard of this jiffy grip stuff, but what a wonderful find! Thanks! :slight_smile:

From a backpackers perspective, duct tape CAN cure all problems. It does great at holding gauze on a cut, repairing a rip in your rain pants, and makes a really great blister pad. :^)