Severe Nickel Allergies and KP Options

So I know quite a few people (myself included) have been worried about buying KP needles because of nickel allergies. I received two circs today in the mail and though I haven’t been knitting with them, I have been holding them for the past 5 minutes or so and I haven’t had a problem. I figured I might let people know so they could put their minds at ease.

I’ll probably give you an update once I have knitted something with them(I’m waiting to use them once I’ve died the yarn for my socks), in case there have been any changes, but I think I’m in the clear

I have a Nickel Allergy myself… but it isn’t severe. I just can’t wear any nickel plated jewelery unless I want a rather unsightly rash. maybe if I knit nonstop over 24 hours my fingers might swell, but I certainly don’t knit long enough for it to bug me.

I second Krystal…I have a nickel allergy. But mine isn’t that severe. I have to cover the back of the button on my jeans, and I can’t wear a watch with metal in it. I am using knit picks double pointed needles…and I have not had a problem…

And I am a mad sock knitter winks

The skin on your palms, particularly your fingertips, is the thickest skin on your body (besides the soles of your feet). This is the reason why even people who grab poison ivy don’t get a reaction on their palms, only in between their fingers – and why your nickle-plated needles won’t bother you. Nickle jewelry may affect you because the skin on your neck/ears/wrists/etc. is very sensitive, but nothing will likely ever irritate your palms and the insides of your fingers. :slight_smile:

i used to have problems with nickel too, however i grew out of it. When i wanted to wear jewely i would just coat it with a thin layer of clear nail polish :slight_smile:
i dunno how well that would work with knitting needles, but just an idea to throw out there! lol

I have a lanolin allergy and frequently break out from hand soap. I always wondered why I break out inside my fingers, but never anywhere else!


I have severe allergies, but not to nickel or other metals, thankfully. I break out every where, when it gets bad, even the palms of my hands, the soles of feet, the outside, inside and all sides of the fingers, sometimes even skin that seems it would be protected by nails.

I agree. The needles shouldn’t bother you unless, what Krystal said, you knit 24/7. Then you might get a problem. :noway:

Nope I use the KP Options all the time and I don’t break out at all. I am also with the a slight allergies with the nickle allergery. So I would buy away and enjoy the needles.:thumbsup: