Several on the needles!

I have several WIP right now. With Christmastime here, I’m a knitting fool, as most of you are!

Looking good! I really like the look of that sweater. May have to invest in a little Blue Sky myself! Now see what you made me do!!!

If I blame you, I won’t feel so guilty! :rofling:

WTG, Girl! You ARE busy!! And doing spectacular jobs :cheering: :cheering:

And you know, Ingrid, it is SOOOOOO Soft and stretchy. I just love working with it. You can blame me all you want! :lol:

I’m with you Ingrid. That sweater looks heavenly. I even love the color!

All of them are so pretty but that baby hat looks especially soft and I LOVE the color!

REALLY nice…you HAVE been busy, Liz!!

:cheering: love it all :happydance:

How do you keep it all straight!?

Fantastic work, Liz!

Wow. Busy bee! Great job on all of them. :thumbsup:


WOW They are all so yummy! What pattern are you using for your sweater? I’ve been looking for a nice raglan for my three year old, and soon to be newborn and coming up with some cheesy patterns. But this one is beautiful.

Pixywhispers, the pattern I’m using is from Knitting Pure & Simple. (pattern #9730) It’s a great pattern… I plan on making one for myself!