Several FO's

Well, I finally dug out the camera and took some pics of some miscellaneous FO’s that I had around. I’m not very happy with the quality of the pictures, :cry: but I think you can get the point! I tried to post the best of the pics that I took. Most of the yarn used in these are some form of acrylic - things I had started my stash with when I first got back into knitting, so I can’t say what it is!

The first 2 pictures are of a matching sweater and hat - they were my first ever “garments” which I made last year for a friend of DD. She never gifted them, but has another friend who is having a boy and will give them to her! The pattern is from LB - cabled baby sweater set. The LB website is not working for me today, so I can’t post the link.

I have been doing alot of knitting/crocheting for HAP. The next two pics are of a scarf I did in dc and a ribbed hat. The hat pattern is

The last are scarves I made just using a drop stitch & garter stitch pattern. The first is a brown flecked chenille, the second a raspberry pink yarn of something very, very soft, and the last is using a blue wool blend.

Lastly are a pair of booties I made for a friend who had a baby in June, but I have not seen her. Hopefully they will still fit - if not, something is already ready to be gifted! I am working on a baby afhgan for her as well - I know that will still fit! :eyes:

My knitting is definitley improving since these projects were made, but I thought I would post something! Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Great job!

Everything looks great! Adorable sweater and booties!

:happydance: Everything looks wonderful…I love the sweater and booties :inlove:

Very cute!Love the cabling down the front of the sweater ~

My computer and camera don’t ‘interface’ at all, I envy the rest of you.

What is HAP?

every looks great. the booties are just adorable

Thank you! It was my first attempt at cables - I was pretty pleased how it turned out!

HAP is the Handmade Afghans to Thank our Armed Forces Project.

I actually found about about HAP here, in the Charity Knitting section

Everything looks good. I really like the little sweater with the cable down the front. Very masculine little sweater.

Everything is so nice but those booties are just adorable :slight_smile:

Very nice work…thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything that needs improving. Lots of wonderful work here. Thanks for sharing.

everything looks awesome, thanks for posting them. I love the hat and sweater combo

Great job! You sure have been busy! The Drop Stitch is still one of my faves - you just can’t go wrong with it. LOVE those little booties too!

Thanks! I love the drop stitch - quick gratification :wink:

All of them look great. Nice work. :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Love the booties–they kick “booty”:teehee: