Several FOs and WIPs

I haven’t posted FO’s in a bit so I thought I would share a few new ones. I hope you don’t mind me posting them all together. There is also an account of my latest knitting adventure on my blog

A pair of Schachenmayr Nomotta Regia 4 Line Steps. I finished these about 10 days ago. Unfortunately I’m not happy with how they washed up. They looked rather worn after one wash. The photo is before washing.

Next is a bunting, hat and matching angel doll for the Lucybug Knit-along

Another angel doll.

Some hats and booties. Shhhh… don’t tell Rebecca but the missing socks in the photos are still WIP’s

Some quilt squares.

I’m currently working on some angora valley yarn socks using the refootable pattern from Socks, Socks, Socks.

Thanks for looking!

Mama Bear

Wow! I love your style and the colors you chose are beautiful! Everything looks great. Good job! :wink:

Everything is so pretty!

Everything looks wonderful!

Everything looks great!! I love your socks and those Angel Dolls!!! :inlove: :inlove:

Everything looks awesome!!

you have been a knitting machine!!!

great looking stuff :slight_smile:

Wow, have you been busy!!! I love the baby bunting set, too cute! :inlove:

:roflhard: :rofling: You are too funny!!!
Love, love everything, especially the socks :wink:


Wow, everything looks just great! Your stitches are so even!

Be very very proud!

Love the socks, especially the colors of the WIP!! All of them are beautiful projects!

Everything looks wonderful! :inlove: I love those socks–too bad you don’t like how they washed. They look fantastic in the photo! The angels are beautiful, as are the bunting and the hat! You have been a knittin’ fool–in a good way! :thumbsup:

Wonderful work! Sorry to hear that your socks didn’t wash nicely though.

Wow!!! Love all of it!!! :smiley:

it’s all very beautiful!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I finished the angora valley socks, now to see if they wash up better than the Regia’s did!

Mama Bear

Everything looks great! Sorry about the washing problem with the socks. The color looks gorgeous in the photo.