Senseo Coffee Maker

I signed up for a promotion for a Senseo Coffee Maker. You have to fill out a survey and wait for a reply back from Senseo. I paid $15 shipping/handling and received the coffee maker, coffee, storage container and coupons for discounts on coffee. It came within 2 weeks.

I think it makes decent coffee. Some of that depends on what type of coffee you use. I found that the Sumatra blend was the boldest and the one that I prefer. I really like making coffee one cup at a time. No waste!

I don’t work for Senseo just wanted to share the deal.

Here is the link:


Thanks! My dh and I are picky about coffee and at home we use a local shop’s brews. Yummy. BUt at work he has Senseo and he likes it pretty well too. We like a stronger brew too…

I’ve never done the Senseo one of these but did the Gevalia one in college. The pots were nice. They are full size now, little 4-cuppers then!

Thanks for the info, I’ve wanted to try the Seseo. Maybe I’ll get my chance now!

I am the only one in my house who drinks coffe and have a small coffee press. I’ve looked at these many times so I’ll be heading over there to fill out the survey! Thanks for sharing this!:out:

You are all welcome! I bought some “eco pads” on ebay. They were about $7 for 2 pods. The are refillable. I like to put Starbucks espresso in them, heat up some 1%milk and make a quick latte.


Filled out the survey! LOVE my coffee while I am knitting. The only problem is that this promotion is only open to US residents. I didn’t see that until after I had sent it to eight of my friends, also in Canada! Darn it…

I filled out the survey but didn’t get an email in return. Does that mean I can’t get a coffee maker? :frowning:

At the bottom of the survey it says you should hear back from them within two to four weeks, so don’t panic yet. They may just be backlogged.

I like the Senseo coffee maker also. My favorite coffee is the Kenya Blend. I’m not sure about other areas, but where I live, I have to order it online. Another nice feature on the new machines is the pod for tea.

I have seen the Kenya blend at Target. To make tea, I just run the machine to get the hot water and then add the tea bag. I like strong tea.

Don’t forget to check your spam/junk mail for the email.

My dad just got one too through the survey.

I’m glad you said that because I haven’t gotten anything back either. Guess it pays to read the fine print! :doh:

WOOHOO! Got my coffee pot offer today!!! Not a bad deal for $15.00! Can’t wait, I’m an AVID coffee drinker. :cheering:


My coffee pot came in the mail today!!! I LOVE IT!!! i cannot believe it was so CHEAP!!! Must be they are really trying to promote it. It came with 18 packets for individual cups of coffee.

I’m going to take it to work for my office, it will be perfect. I suspect the individual packets are not cheap to buy but at work i usually throw out most of the pot of coffe so making one cup at a time will be great.

Thanks for posting this!!

It averages out to about 25 cents a cup if you buy the Senseo coffee. The Target Archer Farms brand pods also fit. I also found some Juan Valdez pods at Tuesday Morning that were $2.99 for 16 pods.

Glad you like your coffee pod. We love ours too and so does my dad!